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On this online casino's guide you may find the most recommended casinos on the internet with excellent promotions and offers. All casinos presented here on this portal are completely trustworthy, safe, regulated, licensed and, thus, you can play for fun or in real mode. On this portal you can also find various casino games, informations, articles and news.

USA Online Casinos

Online Casino USA Players Bonus Rank Reviews
Aladdins Gold Casino usa Unlimited 5 stars Review
High Noon Casino usa $2.000 5 stars Review
Manhattan Slots Casino usa $747 4 stars Review

UK Online Casinos

Online Casino UK Players Bonus Rank Reviews
OK Online Casino uk £1.888 5 stars Review
Video Poker Casino uk Up to 300% 5 stars Review
Slots Express Casino uk Up to 300% 4 stars Review

Online Casino Edition

Casinos seem to be a favorite pastime of many people in different countries. Thus in every country you visit, it is likely to find a casino, a place of gambling and entertainment where many kinds of games can be played. You win some or you lose some but you leave the building feeling you want to come back for more.

With the inception of internet technology, online casinos became the next best thing to the actual casinos. It beats having to travel to go to one’s favorite casino spot and it can be conveniently accessed any time of the day. Whenever one feels like playing or pass the time, he can just open his computer and login to any online casino sites. For some players, they hone their skills by playing in online casinos first before actually visiting a real casino.

Online casinos go by alternative names like virtual casino or internet casino. Because it is played online, gamers can play and wager against other virtual users who are also online at any given time. There are many websites to choose from. Some could just enter a site and play for free. Other sites will require membership.

It is said that the odds and paybacks in the online version are very comparable to the actual games. Both options make use of a program called a random number generator for games that are largely based on probabilities like blackjack and slot machines. The payout percentage depends mainly on the rules established by the management, or the website owner in the case of online casinos.

It is very common for online users to question the reliability of online casinos. In most cases, they think that the odds are always in favor of the house. The random number generator programs are often obtained from renowned software makers. To name a few, there are Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, Playtech and CryptoLogic Inc. They have to make sure that the programs they distribute for use are reliable, meaning that random appearance of numbers, cards or dice will always happen in every game.

There are many types of online casinos but they could be divided into two main groups based on interface. There is the web-based and the downloaded. Some can make use of both interfaces.

Live gaming is fast becoming a fad because it is real time casino played among others who are also logged in the virtual world of the internet. The main attraction here is that there are real dealers to give that feeling of playing in an actual casino. The most common live gaming casinos are the roulette and blackjack. The chat feature installed enables players to speak with any player at the virtual table. There are convenient buttons like “hit” wherein one’s cards or game could be transmitted directly to the dealer. The “sit” button allows any onlookers to join the “table” and participate in the game. Press the “stand” button to leave the game.

Some online casinos will allow onlookers to view an ongoing session with some limitations to ensure fair play among all players. Individual players on the other hand could turn off this feature if they want privacy.

Web-based online casinos are convenient to online users in the sense that they could play directly from the website without the need to download any software. There are browser supports needed depending on the website, like Macromedia Flash, Shockwave or Java. A player must also have a big bandwidth because online casino games are heavy on graphics, sounds and animations. A big bandwidth will ensure a smooth and fast loading of games to give a feeling that one is playing it in actuality.

In the download-based option, users must first download the software from the internet before they can start playing. Playing it still requires users to go online and connect with the service provider of the casino service. Its advantage against web-based casino is that it can be run faster even with a not so big bandwidth. One reason for this is that the graphics and sounds are already in the software of the client. It will not be loaded straight from the internet anymore. Downloading and installing the program may take quite some time but this is seen as a one-time initial process that most people do not mind. The risk to this is downloading a malicious software instead of an authentic one.

Typical selections of online casino games are baccarat, blackjack, craps, roulette, slot machines, poker and keno. These are very similar to the actual games albeit with very minor adjustments on the programs to make it more suitable for online use. The payouts may be bigger in actual casino games but many players like the anonymity that online casinos offer. They are less intimidated playing against others when they are just in front of a computer or machine rather than facing players in an actual table.

As in any online dealings, there are precautions to take when playing online casino. There is always the risk of exposing your computer to viruses and malwares when playing online games. As such, it is important to first ensure the authenticity of a website. The interface plays a big factor. It should look professional and discloses all pertinent information needed to gain a player’s trust.

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