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How To Play Keno

The origins of the game Keno can be traced to China several years ago. The game was introduced in the United States by the Chinese immigrants in the 1800's. These immigrants came to the US looking for work on the railroads and mines. Keno is an extremely popular game and is very easy to play. It makes for an exciting pastime and offers the opportunity of winning large amounts on comparatively small wagers. 

An Overview

Keno is normally played in Casino lounges specially allocated for this game. However, apart from this, there are certain 'Keno runners' as well who collect the player’s ticket and hand over the winnings if the player decides to play from a place outside the casino lounge. There are also several television monitors all over the halls which keep the players informed of the winning numbers. 

Keno also has a video version. These are coin operated slots-like machines. This version uses the same principles and rules of the normal Keno, but the results can be obtained much faster. 

Almost all the casinos in Nevada have keno lounges, wherein numbered balls are strained out of an air blower to decide the winners. Some of the tribal casinos in places like the Atlantic City also have live keno lounges. 

How To Play

The live version of the game necessitates the player to mark somewhere from one through twenty numbers on the card that has eighty numbers which are arranged in about eight rows. After that, the player takes the number card to a writer and bets that the numbers chosen will show up in the twenty numbers drawn in the subsequent game. At the same time, the player who is in one of the restaurants of the casino can also mark a card and hand it over to a runner with a bet. The runner then takes the card to the writer and then hands it back to the player once the bet is made. 

Once the twenty numbers have been drawn, the tickets which win are paid as per a table which differs from house to house. For instance, four-spot tickets with one dollar wagered may return one dollar if a couple of numbers hit; it may bring about five dollars if three numbers hit, and pay more than a hundred dollars if all the four come in. However, in other casinos, the three-number hit may pay six dollars and all four may pay somewhere up to hundred and fifty, and in any other the payoffs may range from dollar five to dollar hundred. Since there is a lot of variation, there is no payback percentage which is common enough to be labeled as average. The paybacks may range anywhere from more than eighty percent to below seventy percent. 

The Bets Straight Ticket 

Betting a straight ticket entails betting the numbers which are marked as single wager. This is by far the easiest way to play, however most players like to bet on several different combinations. One common way is known as the "way ticket." For instance, a player may circle two different groups of three numbers, and mark six numbers. The player after that will bet three dollars to have one dollar wagers on the three-spot combinations.

King Ticket 

King is basically a number which is circled by it. It is utilized in every combination marked. 

Combination Ticket 

The player circles several groupings of numbers and plays with the combinations. For instance, a ticket which has four-, three-, and two- number groupings will be played as 1/5, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 (groups of two- and three-number together), 1/6 ( the groups of two- and four-number), 1/7 ( the groups of three- and four-numbers), 1/9 (all the three groups). The ticket might cost somewhere around dollar seven.

Progressive Jackpots

For a bigger bet, several keno games tender progressive jackpots. At times these progressive jackpots get so high that the house offers a 100 percent payback. Basically, at the two hundred thousand dollar jackpot cap, the player might have an edge of seventeen percent. However, this does not mean that the player can sit down and steadily win at a seventeen percent rate. The results may vary uncontrollably over a very short duration of time. A player may expect to hit all eight-of-eight on an average of once in every two hundred thousand trials. Normally only two percent of all the tickets collect any money at all.


In general, the winnings or returns at this game are very infrequent for players to play the game very seriously. Relaxing in the lounge or a couple of games while having breakfast is enough for most people. However, some players who are on a tight budget like to sit in the keno lounge enjoy the free drinks and play a few games to pass their time in an inexpensive way.

For somebody who likes to play seriously, the best strategy is to just compare the pay tables and play at a house that returns the most for the spots selected. For selecting numbers, there is no real strategy -- any number can come up.

Video Keno

Essentially, Video keno is also pretty much the same -- the same eighty numbers are arranged in eight rows only this time on a video screen. The player has to touch the screen to select the numbers. Pay tables here are normally better than live keno; however the player plays the video version much faster and jeopardizes more cash per hour than with a live game.

Irrespective of the way it's played and the winnings, keno is a game which has emerged as a staple in the casinos since being brought to the US more than a century years ago. This game is very similar to the state lottery – one has to pick several different numbers, and then hope that those numbers match with the ones drawn out from the ping-pong ball. It is quite simple and is the best game for ones on a tight budget who want to enjoy the feel of gambling in a casino.

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