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Caribbean Poker

The Caribbean stud poker is a casino game similar to five-card stud poker. The main difference is that in Caribbean poker, players are pitted against the house instead of other players. Whereas in a regular poker game, one could learn the art of bluffing to deceive fellow players, in Caribbean poker, this strategy is not really helpful.

Poker is one of the most in demand casino games. The Caribbean stud poker lured more players to try table games when entering gambling houses. Its origins are not well documented although this is a fairly new card game. David Sklansky claims to have been the one who formulated it. He said so in one of the online forums in the internet. He said he got the idea in 1982 and named the game Casino Poker. He then developed it, and wrote down the basic rules.

Players will note some differences in the old Caribbean poker that is said to be started by Sklansky. For one, the dealer reveals two hole cards instead of only one. There was no progressive jackpot too. And although he claimed the rights to Casino Poker, he was not able to patent his idea because of conflicts in laws. Instead, another person was able to patent it and bring the game to Aruba. This person then further polished the rules and this is what we get to experience now when playing Caribbean poker.

However, there is a more reliable research as to the history of Caribbean poker. It dates back in 1987 when James Suttle, an avid gambler, played his luck in poker in Las Vegas. He was given the idea in exchange for a loan although he denies this allegation. He then sold his game idea to Danny Jones, a talented game developer and owner of King International Casino in Aruba. Danny tried to market it but did not achieve the sales he expected. It was only when Michael Titus inspected the game and told Danny Jones to put a linked progressive jackpot that the game actually started to sell. The jackpot feature clicked to so many players and made the game a success.

The payout limits may vary from one casino to another but the rules are similar to any casino house. Every player in a table receives an ante and he places this on a designated spot on the table (or any playing surface). These antes serve as the wagers. All antes must be placed down before the dealer closes betting and the game begins. Typically, the dealer announces “No more bets!” to signify that no player could wager anymore.

Players may opt to participate in a game where a progressive jackpot is featured. Just the same, players must signify their intention before the dealer announces “No more bets!” by activating the jackpot machine with a chip. 

To start the game, the dealer distributes five cards each to all players, all cards facing down. The dealer reveals one of his cards first then shows it to all players. Then the players assess their own cards without looking at other’s cards. They could play or fold. If they play, it means they are wagering twice the amount of the ante collected at the start of the game. If they fold, it means they are forfeiting their initial bet. Once players have all decided to play or fold, the dealer will reveal all his cards. The cards of the players will be compared against that of the dealer’s. A hand that beats that of the dealer’s wins.

While playing Caribbean stud poker, players are expected to observe proper protocol. First of all, there should only be one hand per player. Multiple wagers are not allowed. If one opts to play the progressive jackpot, it is his personal responsibility to make sure that the chip was properly inserted in the slot and the indicator light turns on.

Communication between players is absolutely forbidden. If this is violated, a player’s wager will be forfeited. In the same way, incorrect number of cards will also result to a dead hand.

A supervisor is assigned to a table to ensure that fair play is kept at all times. In cases of disputes, his decision stands as final. In case of a misdeal wherein a wrong number of cards are distributed, that round of game will be considered void and the deck will be reshuffled.

To avoid cheating, all five cards should be laid out in plain view of the dealer at all times. Cards disclosed at the table may not be touched anymore. And lastly, in any instant that the cards of the dealer are revealed prematurely, all hands will be void and the deck will be reshuffled.

Caribbean stud poker is a game of strategy. It is possible to reduce the advantage of the house if a player plays his cards right. It takes years of experience to study and analyze the game carefully and learn the tricks of the game. But for starters, one should never fold a pair or any hand of higher rank if it is less than ace to king. This kind of playing strategy immediately reduces the edge of the house.

In addition, play your hand if a dealer reveals an ace or king at the starting face up card. It is good to raise a combination of ace-king-queen, and ace-king-jack because there will be blockers to pairs. It will be likely to best the ace-king hand.

Caribbean stud poker in the UK is slightly varied from that in other parts of Europe and the US. In UK, it is more known as Casino Five Card Stud Poker. Not all has a jackpot prize.

Although the casino always has the edge in winning, any player can get lucky and earn big money through Caribbean stud poker. It is very important to have the skill of analyzing the odds of your given hand and calculate how big the odds will work for you. If one gets a low pair, people most often fold. But if you fold, you immediately lose a chance to bet. You might do well to risk a little because after all, gambling is also about taking risks.

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