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Baccarat Odds

Baccarat is a very old card game and has been in existence for more than half a millennia. Baccarat is prevalent greatly in casinos across the world. If you set out to play baccarat, you will find many variations of the game. Ranging from chemin de fer, punto banco, and banque, you will find these three variations in many different parts of the world. The most popular version of baccarat is punto banco. Punto banco is the type of baccarat that is widely played in all the casinos in North America and other casinos online, and also in the western countries. Punto banco is different from the other two games in the respect that it is totally dependent on luck and fortune. The other two variations have a slightly different game play that gives a slight importance to skill. 

Punto banco is the variation of baccarat that we are used to playing in any of the numerous casinos. The entire outcome of this game relies solely on which way your luck turns. It is important to understand that although luck is variable, with a good idea of the mechanics of the game, you can at least improve your chances of winning. Probability is a great factor when you are playing card games. In a card game like this where you can completely rule out skills, understanding the probability of the results of the game becomes essential. This will allow you to place your bets more wisely and allow you to make your own luck. This is why it is very important that before you enter into a casino to play baccarat, you should first understand the mechanization of the game. You should also understand what are your odds when it comes to the bets you place. 

Baccarat Game

In many card games, finding out the odds is a procedure left to the mathematicians, and so is understanding them. But, baccarat is such simple game that anybody could easily see and understand the odds. The gambling involved in baccarat is very similar to betting on the outcome of the toss of a coin. 
To understand why this is possible, you first get a general idea of the game itself. If you are new to the world of baccarat, you should first understand how the game functions.

Baccarat has three options you can place your bet on the player, the banker, and the tie. The player or the banker in no way means or refers to the house or the people playing. They are simply a part of the game. The rules of the game are that the dealer will place two cards, one on the player and the other on the banker. These are merely two different sides on which bets are placed. You have to place your bet on either of these two, depicting which one will win. The third option available to you is that of the tie where both of them will become equal. The dealer determines the score based on the cards. The face cards and ten have a zero value, the ace has a value of one, and the remaining number cards have their face value. The highest score that a combination of cards can get is nine. Whichever side has the highest score or the score nearest to nine is the winner. You have many rules depending on the circumstance allow the player or the banker to draw a third card. These are related to the situation and you need not go into detail as it does not influence your bet. Most baccarat games use a six-deck or an eight-deck shoe from which they draw cards. This means the players use six or eight decks of cards which they shuffle after each deal. 

The Odds

The odds of baccarat are what makes it such an attractive game and also so popular. It is one of the few games offering such low house advantages. In a six-deck game of baccarat, the house advantage for bets on the player is 1.29 percent, on the banker is 1.01 percent, and on the tie is 15.75 percent. Similarly, in an eight-deck game, the house advantage is 1.06 percent on the banker, 1.24 percent on the player, and 14.36 percent on the tie. Because of the high house advantage on the tie, it becomes a very bad bet to make despite the odds it offers.
The odds are also such that you can hope for a 1:1 return in a game of baccarat, if you bet on the player or on the banker. Although the tie has odds of almost 9:1, the house commission and its probability make it a very bad bet.

The probability is the clincher in this game. A six-deck game gives the banker 0.458653 (45.86 percent), the player 0.446279 (44.627 percent) and the tie 0.095069 (9.50 Percent) of probabilities. An eight-deck game gives probabilities of 0.458597 (45.859 percent) for the banker, 0.446247 (44.624 percent) for the player, and 0.095156 (9.51 percent) for the tie. They are just marginally different. As the banker has a slightly higher probability in a long game with many deals, a person betting on the banker will decidedly have the upper hand. This is why the casino generally levies a five percent commission on the bets placed on the banker. As you can see, the bet on the player is by far the safest and it also ensures a 1:1 return which few other games can manage. This means that if you bet $5 on the player and you win, you will win $5. 

Once you are fully aware of these odds, it becomes far easier to place your bets knowing where you stand. If you are a regular at casinos, you will notice that many high rollers often turn to baccarat tables to recover their money. This is because they know how to bet safely and win. 

Many people keep a record of the number of times a card shows up winning or losing, in a way counting cards. This in no way helps you make a better bet in this game. In fact, it might just discourage you from making a safe bet.

In the end, what you must understand is that knowing these odds will only improve your chances of getting lucky. They in no way can guarantee a win on the table. In fact, baccarat is game so dependant on luck that even casinos know that a bad baccarat score could affect the casinos turnover.

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