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Casino Odds

Casino games are all designed in favor on the house by default. This is an in-house advantage to make sure that a casino profits. Otherwise, if players have the advantage in winning, then the casinos might not be able to control the payouts and end up bankrupt sooner or later. This house advantage is also sometimes known as the house edge. It is usually defined in percentages depending if a game requires a certain amount of skill from players or if it merely relies on chances and probabilities. For example, a house edge can be computed for games like blackjack, craps, baccarat, roulette, slot machines, video poker and keno. 

Many players consider the odds in choosing what game to play. For a novice, the choices can be very overwhelming. Just how does one choose the right type of game for him? How does one know which game offers the best bet? Players should bear in mind first of all of the house edge of casinos. If a casino house could not profit from games, it would not be there to serve and entertain players. Put in simpler terms, this is the ratio of average loss to the initial bet.

This can be further illustrated through an example. If the house edge is 5%, it means that players betting an average of $100 lose $5. This percentage ratio varies per game. It gives protection to casinos while making sure they stay in business. For the expert gamblers, they know that there are ways to beat casino odds. It is not all about knowing how to play the games. It is also about the right timing, meaning what kind of game to choose and where to play it. The experts know that a good combination of these factors define winning and losing. It will not be a sure win but the odds will be greatly turned in favor of the player.

Blackjack is the most popular casino game and many tables are dedicated for this to accommodate a big outpour of players each day. Its popularity is not only because it is very simple to understand and play, but also because this game offers the best odds for players. Winning blackjack is not solely by chance but also requires skills and strategy. If you play the game well, you increase your chances of winning. Thus, if statistics are flashed, the house edge of blackjack is only from 0.1% to 3%. Depending on how good a player is, he could overturn the odds and make it to his favor by as much as 1 or 2%.

Next to blackjack, craps is another excellent choice if you want to multiply your dollar in gambling. Craps is purely a game of luck but if you know when to bet, you can increase your chances of winning. The key idea here is learning the right timing of when to bet and when not to bet. At the onset, especially for beginners, playing this game might seem complicated and not worth one’s time. The wide array of choices may be dismaying. Many of these bets are to the advantage of the house and to your disaster. Smart players will go for standard bets even if a few. 

Examples of these bets are the pass and come with 1.41% house edge. If a player does not pass or come, the house edge lowers to 1.36%. If he chooses neither pass nor come, it means he is betting against the table. This is the tricky part because he can only win if everyone else in the table loses. He will only lose if everyone else wins. If a player chooses this option, he should just still practice proper table etiquette to maintain fair play in the session.

Baccarat is another game requiring simple betting strategy only also. It does not take any skill level to play this game because it is basically a game of chance. To win the game, there are only two major decisions involved. First is deciding how much to bet. The bigger wagers, the bigger payouts if a player wins. Second is deciding where to bet. He can bet on the banker, another player, or both. It might be a smart move to bet on the banker because he has a high chance of winning. Remember that he has the edge. If put to calculations, the banker has 45.86% chances of winning. A player will rely on 44.62% chances of winning. The remaining 9.52% is the chances of getting a draw, meaning no one wins.

Because of the house advantage, a banker or dealer usually imposes 5% commission if a wager on a banker wins. This commission is totally okay because there is only 1.06% house edge for bets on the banker, while there is actually 1.24% house edge for player bets.

Another game where casino odds can be analyzed is the roulette. It is a wheel game composed of 18 red and 18 black slots. While the wheel is spinning, a player drops a ball and guesses where the ball will land. There is 50-50 chance that the ball will land in a red or black spot, or so one thinks. Truth is that there is an additional slot in the wheel labeled zero. This slot alone seems inconspicuous at first but actually gives casinos an immediate 2.7% house edge. If the blank slot is doubled, that would mean a 5.26% house edge. Thus, before playing roulette, check first how many blank slots are in the wheel. The number of blank slots skews the odds in favor of the casino.

Slot machines are also popular casino games because it is very entertaining. In this game, computing for the odds vary per machine. But in general, it could be from 2 to 15%. This is another game wherein no specific skills are required as winning is purely by chance. Perhaps, the only skill needed is in looking for the right machine giving out a high percentage of winning. Then again, that will take numerous games amounting to hundreds or even thousands of turns. But there is one telltale sign to recognize a high paying machine, and that is through the amount of coins dropped. If there are more coins in a machine, then that means more players preferred to play it.

Casino games are designed to make it difficult for players to win. However, by studying games more closely, you could delay your losses to make gambling more entertaining. You could even win because even if the odds are not in your favor, winning is still possible.

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