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Keno Odds

Keno is a game that is entirely based on luck and all the numbers in a Keno ticket have the same chance of appearing in a draw. In order to decipher the pattern for a combination of numbers and improve your Keno odds, it would be best to study the odds tables in the Keno booth. The odds of winning the jackpot in a 10/70 Keno lottery game are approximately 1-in-2.1-million and these are much better odds than you can get in a 6/49 game. 

Keno Odds Tables: In order to have a better chance of winning in a Keno game, one of the best strategies is to study the odds table. It is basically simple and easy to understand because the possibilities appear in percentages. If you can choose the amount of spots to play, it would be possible to hit at least one number by the time you end the game. In a 20-spot Keno draw, for example, the chance of hitting five numbers is 23 percent. Even a new comer will be able to hit a number. Keno odds suggested by the odds table will indicate that if too many numbers are picked in a Keno ticket, there will be little chance of winning. Moreover, it also indicates that the probability of hitting all 20 numbers and hoping to get the jackpot is very low, in the area of roughly one in three quintillion tickets.

Irrespective of how much you bet for the amount of hits, the values in an odds table will remain the same. Even if the numbers appear more as a sequence, the odds will not change. In every Keno game, the numbers will always be drawn in a random manner and as such it will be helpful to go by the odds table. 

Some Helpful Tips And Strategies: Although the numbers are selected randomly and all numbers have the same likelihood of coming up, some strategies can be employed to improve the chances of winning.

  1. Playing at an online game rather than a live casino game will offer much better prospects because experience has shown that payouts at online Keno games are significantly higher than at live casinos that do not go beyond 60 to 70 percent. Moreover, since some online sites offer better payouts and more play options, it is advisable to compare different sites and choose the one that gives better payouts and options.

  2. A popular Keno tip is that you should pick consecutive numbers such as 27 and 28 or 36, 37 and 38. Although there is no rationale for this strategy, it has been observed to be true in several cases.

  3. An important strategy of improving your Keno odds and winning is to pick a few numbers and play the same numbers again and again over a period of time which could range from a few hours to a few weeks.

  4. There are some numbers that do not come up for quite a few games and the likelihood of their coming up in the next games will be very high. As such, observing such numbers and playing them is a strategy that many people employ. On the other hand, other players believe that due to some strange coincidence and because of some irregularities in the selection process, the numbers that have come up recently are likely to come up again.

  5. For long-term players, it is advisable to select a large number of spots on the card so that you might win at least something on each card. It is also important to play more spots on each card. In case you play 14 spots and hit all of them, you can win a very large sum of money, but the Keno odds of hitting all 14 numbers are only 1 in 389 million.

  6. Apart from getting better odds when playing Keno, it is also possible to customize the game the way you want to play it. You can choose the amount of money that you want to bet and the more you bet the bigger will be the jackpot and other prizes. You can also choose to play less than the standard set of numbers but the Keno odds and prizes will also change on the basis of how many numbers you choose to play.

All serious Keno players must study the Keno odds mainly because Keno is basically a game of luck and there is no proven strategy for winning. However, you can gain by studying the calculated odds in the game. The Keno odds of hitting all 20 numbers in a single Keno game are 1-in-3.5 quintillion. However by studying and analyzing the odds table you might hit several spots for as low as $1 per game. By evaluating the potential occurrence of numbers, you might gain anything between $500 and $1,500 for a $1 bet. Most odds tables indicate that the probabilities of matching the drawn numbers are inversely proportional to the number of spots in the ticket. Since picking a fewer number of spots has more probability than picking all the 20 numbers, it is best to choose 5 to 7 spots from the given numbers and refer to the odds table for finding the probability of those numbers.

Other Keno Strategies: 

An effective Keno strategy is to visit a modern casino and observe carefully a particular Keno draw and try to make out the possible algorithms and establish feasible number combinations. The idea is to try and find out patterns on which the random number machines are generating the numbers. This can be done by listing down all the results of the previous 20 draws for a particular hour. You will then have to establish the repeating number combinations for a single daily draw. It is from this bunch that you will have to pick the most feasible numbers making sure that you play within the same hour as the earlier ones that you had studied.

Another effective strategy that is employed by veterans is to select a few numbers such as anniversary or birthday dates, license plate number, or house number and use this set of numbers over and over again with every game of Keno played. 

Keno like any other gambling game is a game of chance and luck. There is no guarantee that any particular strategy will yield the winning numbers but careful analysis of the Keno odds table can help to a great extent.

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