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Caribbean Poker History

Poker is a classic card game which revolves around betting rules and hand rankings at times. Depending on card dealing and betting, the game comes in several variations. The key variations include Stud poker, Draw poker, and Community card poker. 

One of the variants is the Caribbean Stud Poker which is nothing but a casino version of poker and quite known for the progressive jackpot. It is almost like five Star Stud, but played in a casino against the house. It is quite famous and played in most casinos. If you dig deep to know this gameís origin, you would find that its roots are quite intermingled. In fact, the word poker itself has an unclear history. Poker has garnered confusion over its origin which dangles between French and German.

Card games have allured people for over centuries. The three card game dates back in 1500s, whereas the bluff element was added to it in 1700s. But, Caribbean Stud Poker has changed by leaps and bounds as it isnít easy to bluff the house.

Here we are talking about centuries of poker, but surprisingly Caribbean Stud poker has just a few decades to clearly talk about. This variant of Poker has tales of mystery lurked in its history.

With a debatable history, it reveals several interesting stories. Going by its name, the game may have originated in Caribbean islands, and it is strongly believed to have conceived on a cruise. 

History: According to many people, the game was played on a cruise to Aruba, way before it was christened Caribbean Stud Poker. It was probably called by another name then. The game was later bought by a casino named King International. This casino is now called Excelsior Casino and attracts tourists to enjoy the game in their leisure time. 

Well, another variant to the gameís history reveals that the adept gambler David Sklansky touts to have invented the game sometime in 1982. But, the game rules differed and there wasnít any progressive jackpot attached to it at that time. Apparently, a few years later, a poker player got it patented in Aruba and again the rules got a new twist. This resulted into the Caribbean Stud Poker that we play today.

Evidently, it isnít clear who invented the Caribbean Stud Poker variant. Moving further, in 1987, James Suttle, a gambler, supposedly learned it from another player, who is also alleged to have bought it. The game then got into the hands of Danny Jones, a game developer and owner of King International Casino in Aruba, which was later called Grand Holiday Casino. It is situated at Holiday Inn on Palm Beach. 

Danny distributed the game to casinos ad cruises under D&D Gaming firm. The game wasnít a huge success as the player has much to lose than gain while playing against the house. Later, with the inclusion of progressive jackpot, the game reached the sky-high popularity. It is believed that a friend called Titus told Danny to include the jackpot.

Titus was later seen working for Progressive Games, Inc. that partnered with City Lites, a Las Vegas firm. Signage and jackpot meters for the game were delivered by City Lites. The companies were seen parting ways owing to licensing issues in Nevada. 

Coming into the picture is Dane, Danny Jonesí son who handled the Nevada Company and later sold its distribution rights to D.P. Stud. But, the financial conflicts resulted into the hazy status of Nevada distribution of the game. This is also one of the causes of so much confusion in Caribbean Stud poker history. On the other hand, Progressive Games distributed the game across the globe. The game reached the ultimate destination of Las Vegas in 1992. In 1995, Mikhon Gaming took over Progressive Games. All along, the highlight of the game has always been the jackpot.

The game is said to have set its foot in North America in 18th century, which entered through French people. The English word poker was coined from the French word poque.

Jackpots: Usually, jackpots have been included in games that offer minimal gain to the players. Of course, over the time, the money is always paid off to the house through contribution from poker zealots. Jackpots have been quite popular with gaming machines, but implementing it into table games was a unique move then. The game shot to fame and spread across in popularity. It became popular in casinos and cruise.

It isnít considered to be the best table game as the player is much to lose and the house to gain. The jackpots did manage to make it popular, but it is said to be more famous online. Moreover, the popularity of gambling has swiftly weaved its way through the World Wide Web. It can be played by a casino fanatic without being physically present at a casino. So, players from any corner of the globe can play at their comfort.

Presently, the US version of the game slightly differs from the UK and other European regions versions. Moreover, all casinos donít keep the jackpot prize. It is officially also called Casino Five Card Stud Poke or Casino Jackpot Five Card Stud Poke. The game ropes in strategies which are well inculcated by casino fanatics. 

According to experts, poker has always been popular, irrespective of its variants. The Caribbean Stud poker has seen its share of gray days and was declared illegal in Nevada. In 1931, the game was legalized. In a short span of time, the game formed a part of several movies and documentations.

The popularity that pulled it into Vegas in early 90s was just a few years after it was known in Caribbean and cruises. It has seen rising popularity in a very short span of time. It has successfully become one of the popular table games, if not the best. The King International, which still forms a part of the Holiday Inn today with the name Excelsior casino, has managed to allure people with the game. The sand and sun still invites tourists and casino enthusiasts to this place. Caribbean Stud Poker has a history that could fascinate many.

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