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One famous dice game in casinos is called craps. It is a very simple game wherein one wagers on what number will turn up on the die upon rolling. Wagers could be on only one roll, on a series of rolls, and with a pair of dice or just one. There are two main kinds of craps. The street craps is played among players. This is more informal and can be played anywhere. Players will just have to wager money against the other players. The casino craps is more formal and played inside casino houses. It is more formal because there is a banker and a player wagers against the banker.

Craps was derived from another game called “hazard” which could be traced back to the Old English days. The origins of craps can be quite complex. Some say it can be as old as the Crusades with some influence from the French. A wealthy landowner and politician by the name of Bernard Xavier came to know of craps and brought it to New Orleans. Here, the game was developed and modified to what has now become the modern American version of craps.

At first, many players saw loopholes in Bernard’s version because players could make use of fixed dice and manipulate the results of the rollouts. To resolve this, John H. Winn thought of an idea. Players could not have the option to pass anymore. To this day, this rule is being implemented.

Today, bank craps is the more popular type being played in casino houses. This is a formal version participated in by one or more players against a banker. The banker decides on the odds of the payout. Each player gets a chance to roll a pair of dice. The one who rolls is called the shooter. Before a shooter rolls, the other players must first wager a bet in the form of chips. This amount of chips placed on the table will determine the odds of the payout.

Craps is played in rounds. Players take turns rolling the dice and passing the dice to the next player in a clockwise manner. Even if one opts not to roll, he could still go on with his wager. He will just have to pass the dice to the next shooter. 

One round of craps is composed of two phases called come-out and point. To begin the game, the shooter starts to roll the come-out. A come-out roll resulting to 2, 3 or 12 is a crap, meaning the round will end and the players lose the pass line bets. If the come-out is 7 or 11, it is called a natural and allows for pass line bets to continue. The shooter goes on rolling until he comes up with 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. These number turnouts are called point. If these numbers come up, the dealer turns on a button to signify the start of the second round. The shooter rolls the dice again in an attempt to get the point numbers. If this happens, the wagers in the pass line win. If the roll results to a 7, called a seven-out, the bets on the pass line lose. This also signifies the end of that round.

Some players want to join a game of craps but do not want to be shooter. If this is the case, approach the table and check if the dealer button is lighted up during the point numbers. If the light is off, it means the session is still in the come-out phase. If it is lighted, the game is well on its second phase already. Some casinos allow bets to be placed on the pass line even if a player enters only at the second round. Dealers can call for payouts and collect losing bets before each dice roll. This is also the time when players can wager anew. There is a stickman whose role is to watch what is going on at the table. He waits for betting to finish before he gives the dice to the shooter. Once the rolling starts, no player could place bets anymore.

There are different types of wagers in the craps game. First is the pass line bet which is also the very fundamental betting in craps. Here, the shooter bets to win the point number and this happens when the come-out results to 7 or 11. If it is 2, 3, or 12, this is called crapping out the bet loses. Any other values are called a point.

The second type of wager is called the Don’t Pass Line bet. Here, the shooter bets that the other players will not get the point number. This is actually the opposite of the first type of bet. The come-out 7 or 11 results to a loss and the come-out 2 or 3 results to a win. If a 12 comes out, some casinos will decide this is a draw; for some it is a win.

The third type of wager is the pass odds. If the come-out is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, bettors in the pass line may bet again for multiple times at the pass line. They get a chance to win their new bets if the point rolled before 7.

Another type of wager is called the Don’t Pass Odds. If a player goes for this type of bet, he may place chips behind the “don’t pass” line. The Come Bet on the other hand is played in two rounds. This is just like the first type of wager but the only difference is that a player wagers on the first point number to come out regardless if it is the first or second round already.

Observe a few etiquettes while on the table. For example, do not throw your chips when placing a bet. Stack them up and place it on the pass line. Throwing chips is discourteous and rude. For the shooter, be careful in throwing dice while avoiding knocking down the chips. Also, superstitious people are fond of blowing on the dice first for good luck before throwing. But for hygienic purposes, this habit should be avoided.

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