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Slots Tips and Tricks

There is no guaranteed way to win in a slot machine game but you can always follow a few tips and tricks to increase your chances of winning. Basically, be observant and check which factors you can use to work to your advantage when playing slots or any casino game.

First tip is one of the most useful and practical. Do not take for granted your club card. It can offer you much more than what you expect. A club card may not guarantee a win in the slots but it could give you free food, lodging or tickets for an entertainment show. Some club cards could give some cash back if you play. This is marketing for the casinos. They make sure your stay with them is made worthwhile even if you do not hit the jackpots in their games.

Slot machines have a payout information guide so make sure to read this carefully. There is no fixed rule to follow because it depends on what kind of a player you are. If you are aggressive and risky in gambling, you might want to go for lower frequency of winnings but with larger paybacks. It is common however for most players to go for a machine with higher frequency of winnings even with smaller paybacks. To them, small winnings are still a win.

Another tip is to play in progressive slot machines if you have the option. Such machines offer bigger jackpot prizes because it is computed as a certain percentage of the total money inserted already in the machine. Thus, if more players insert money to play, the jackpot prize also goes up. The tricky part here is that the progressive jackpot can only be won if the maximum amount of coins the machine can hold is already reached. It may be quite difficult to gauge how many players have already been to that machine and how much it is currently holding.

The lights located on top of slots are called slot candles. These lights are color coded to signify what denomination is being accepted by a particular machine. In general, blue light means the slot machine is accepting dollars. Yellow means it is accepting quarters, and red means it is accepting nickels. These colors will concern you because the denominations also affect the payout rate. If you want to go for bigger payouts, you will ideally look for a red light.

A very useful tip also is to manage your bankroll so as to maximize your winnings and minimize losses. If you hit the jackpot, or even if you just won a minor prize, make sure to lock up a profit. Go back to the initial amount you wagered and pocket the profits you already made. Do not bet all of your winnings or you might end up losing more than what you had in the beginning. You will not have a winning streak all the time so do not wait for your downfall before you stop. Sometimes it is better to stop and savor the winnings before playing another round.

Cash jackpots are taxed by the government. This will be reported to the IRS. To avoid paying big on taxes, keep a log of your games and record your losses. If you win, you can show the losses you recorded and this could be deducted to your tax dues.

The slot is not a game of speed so there is absolutely no need to rush your game or play a couple of machines simultaneously. In fact, you are more exposed to the house edge if you play more than one machine at the same time. You will end up losing more money in a short time. Whereas if you take your time, you can enjoy the games more and you can budget your bankroll better so you could play more rounds.

Budgeting your money cannot be overemphasized. Bring only an amount that you can afford to lose. If you have more important expenses to take care of, settle those first before allotting money for casino. Also manage your expectations. If you do not win, at least you enjoyed your stay and you had a grand experience. It will be more fun if you could extend your play so depending on your bankroll, budget your wagers so you could play more games. If you get tired playing slots, you can move on to other games.

Cash out your winnings immediately. Do not forestall it for another day. It will not be waiting for you forever because your winnings have expiration dates. For slots that feed out coins, make sure you are able to retrieve all coins from a tray. For slots paying out paper vouchers, take it with you and exchange it for cash.

It is okay if you do not hit the jackpot but just avoid being scammed. It is a worse fate to suffer than losing to a legitimate bet. If you encounter a machine that says it can determine which hit will give you a jackpot, do not believe it. That is a scam. There is no guarantee that a hit will give you a win because of a random number generator program. This program is responsible of making sure that winning combinations come out at random and not so often. It will protect both the players and the casino.

Read further on the different betting options posted in a slot machine. If there is a betting range, it is most likely that you will only gain access to the jackpot if you play the maximum bet. If you bet low, you will only be qualified to minor winnings. If you just want to play and have fun and do not necessarily desire the biggest prize, then you will do well to bet lower. This will give you more rounds of good fun at slots.

If you are new to slots and want to be familiarized with it first, ask for a free trial. Most casinos have a machine dedicated for free trials. It will merely give players an idea of how the machine works. It will not be eligible for any winnings.

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