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Video Poker Tips and Tricks

Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and Jokers Wild (also called Joker Poker) are three of the more popular video poker games. There are more variations to video poker but needless to say, it has become very popular in casinos ever since it was introduced in the 1970s. The Americans alone so love video poker and find it very appealing. Every casino house in America should have or they are losing out on a lot of profit opportunities from these gamblers.

The main attraction of video poker to many players is being able to play this challenging card game with a lifeless machine instead of dealing with the pressure of playing against other players. Some people, no matter how much they love the game, just could not stand the pressure in an actual table game. They are more comfortable and at ease playing by their lonesome with a game machine in front of them.

The preferences may be different for each player but the truth remains that poker is one of the most challenging and entertaining casino games ever invented. You could learn many tips, tricks and strategies but it could not be learned in a day without practice. Remember that whatever basic advice you learn in playing poker, play often to perfect your game.

Playing video poker is a little different from an actual card game. The latter uses a standard deck of52 cards while the former uses a machine that could be programmed or calibrated to control the house edge.

When video poker is mentioned, two words come to mind, “loose” and “tight.” These words refer to the payout of a machine. Players opt for “loose” machines that are believed to have a higher payout ratio as compared to a “tight” machine. In reality however, there is really no sure fire way to predict this. In other words, there is no such thing as a loose or tight machine. This is probably the first thing to keep in mind. It is different from a slots game with re-programmed microchips embedded inside it. In video poker, the machines are programmed to produce random results.

Because of this randomness, every card has equal chances of showing up. In an actual table game, it is easier to predict the probability of one card showing up. You know that there are four cards of ace, for example. If one ace was already played, then there are three aces left in the deck. In video poker, it can get a little trickier especially if there is a note that says the machine uses more than one deck. Playing with more than one deck complicates the math of probabilities and significantly lowers the odds for players.

There are three factors that could contribute a great deal to your success in playing poker. These are speed, combination and bankroll.

First is speed. It is important to play fast. You should be able to think fast and act on a decision at once because remember that machines are programmed for random results. Such randomness program is affected by the draw and what card you choose to hold or retain.

Random programs are affected by fluctuation swings. In poker games using wild cards such as Deuces Wild or Joker Poker, fluctuations are very fleeting simply because of these wild cards. So if you play faster, the faster you can go through fluctuations, and the faster you will get winning hands. If you were not fast enough, it is possible to get winning hands yet still lose the game.

Second is card combination combined with speed. Know when to hold and when to draw. At the same time, you have to practice quick thinking in strategizing. Even if you play fast but if you hold the wrong cards, then you lose, and your bankroll is reduced. So speed and combination goes hand in hand. Tips about card combinations will be delved into further later on.

Third factor is bankroll. There are many betting options per given round. Most of the time, you will only be eligible to play for the top prize if you bet the maximum allowed amount. Betting guidelines are posted on the machine or nearby so be guided accordingly. If you bet wisely, you could protect your bankroll and prolong your playing hours. You could even double your earnings.

While on the subject of bankroll, here are a few more tips. First, make sure that you have the denominations allowed in a machine. Otherwise, then you will not be eligible to play or use that machine. Second, make sure that your bankroll could support unfavorable fluctuations. After all, this is common occurrence in all video poker game units.

Do not be caught being overpowered by the required denomination as against your bankroll. Stick to what you have and bet an amount you can afford to lose. However, it is still entirely up to you how much you want to put on the line. Nonetheless, here is a general guideline. For Jacks or Better using $0.25 denomination, betting $400 to $600 should be good. If the denomination used is $1 coin, bet at around $1,000 to $1,400. For Deuces Wild using $0.25 denomination, bet between $700 and $1,000. If denomination used is $1, bet between $1,200 and $1,600. If you want to bet lower or higher than these ranges, the strategy is entirely up to you. These are betting guidelines only to sustain your playing period for about 8 hours.

As for tips and tricks about getting winning card combinations, it is a lengthy discussion. But for starters, you must first learn and memorize winning combinations possible, from a pair to the royal flush. It is difficult to generalize strategies for this because each five-card hand should be dealt with in accordance to the actual values that come up. But at least, if you have memorized the hierarchy of combinations, you will know better how to attack a game, when to hold, and when to draw.

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