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Japan Online Casinos

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Japan Online Casinos

It is rare that one will hear about Japan online casinos. It is only practically unheard of because the big and upscale casino houses are in America and Europe that many people tend to think only Americans and Europeans enjoy gambling. It does not mean though that Japanese do not enjoy gambling. They also love to gamble and in fact have their own traditional games that have been passed on to them from their ancestors. Two of these well-loved games are what they call Keno and Pachinko.

Keno game started in the middle ages, created by a Japanese ruler in of the major cities in the Japan. Rather than playing keno for fun, organized games were held and the citizenry were invited to join. Profits from these games were used to fund a war. The war was being extended for long that it was taking its toll on government funds. Soon enough, many Japanese were drawn to the game. It is now one of the most popular games known throughout the world.

Since keno started as a fundraising game, the prizes given then were normally cattle or land instead of cash. Also, the old version made use of words instead of numbers. Today it is played using numbers.

Pachinko is a game machine much like the American slots. This is a very popular game in Japan that is found not just in casino houses but also in many shops and restaurants. It is played like a slots and pinball game combined. It attracts many people because of its bright and colorful lights, as well as its loud designs.

The Japaneseís love for gambling also extends to the internet. Thus, the birth of Japanese online casinos that offers many traditional and internationally renowned games. Japanís online gaming industry is developing in a very fast pace. In fact, gaming experts calculated total revenues of this industry to be as much as US$1.2 billion last 2008. The localsí love for gambling is well documented in history and it shows why online casino is such a hit to them. This early it shows great potential already and is believed to still have much more room for growth throughout the country.

One of the latest popular gambling activity now in Japan is horserace betting. Hundreds of millions of US dollars are spent on horse courses and betting in this first world Asian country. This enormous amount alone is a clear testament of the growth potential of online casinos and gaming in Japan. Businessmen are investing big money here while realizing the profitability of traditional and online casinos.

There are stricter laws in Japan concerning various forms of gambling than in other parts of the world. The law is more lenient towards lotteries and horse race betting. However, it is not without saying that the current government of Japan is looking for ways albeit desperately to generate more revenues for the country. Because of this reason, and because of the glaring profitability of gambling, there is a big possibility that Japanese online casinos will be legalized very soon.

This is expected to be a tedious process but the Japanese are all hopeful that one of their favorite pastimes and form of entertainment will soon be legalized. Currently, legislators are seriously discussing options to decide the fate of online gambling in their land. In line with this, they are also studying other countries where traditional and online casinos are now legalized. If the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, there is a big possibility that Japan will follow their lead.

Discussions also include introducing new markets, and formulating strict rules and regulations to enforce and guide gamblers. Along with it, the foreseen negative effects of gambling are also being considered while tackling how such effects can be minimized, if not eliminated. In Macau, online casinos were made legal only recently, and the government of Japan is studying the case of Macau more particularly in their discussion.

Even international online casino operators are willing to cooperate and share their knowledge. They have shown great interest in helping set up Japanese online casinos. They are certain that it will rake in big profits to the benefit of the country. When before, Keno game was used to help fund a war, today online casinos can help further improve the economy of Japan. As it is, Japan is one of the richest economies in the world. Its gross domestic product (GDP) totals to more than that of any of the other Asian countries. Its per capita has a higher batting average than the United States. If gambling could be legalized, there is no other way for Japan to go but to continue to surge high up the economic ladder.

This is also another reason why international casino operators are not hesitant to do business with the Japanese. It is a generally wealthy country and therefore international investors are looking into catering to a large citizenry with stable incomes and much to spare for gambling as entertainment.

This early, the Japanese government released a promise that meetings are already underway to start online casinos. Rest assured that these online gaming sites will be strictly monitored and governed by strict regulations so that fraud will be minimized. It will also give assurance that the citizens are protected whenever they go online to play their favorite casino games. If all goes well, many are expectant that Japanese online casinos will finally be legalized by the end of year 2010.

The online casino games are expected to have a very wide scope and greatly varied. It will cater to an immensely huge crowd that love to play traditional Japanese games like Keno, as well as other games like blackjack, poker, slots, craps, video poker, baccarat and more. Aside from these, the Japanese are also sports bet lovers. Thus, online casinos will also extend to sports betting like horse racing, cycling, soccer and basketball. Online lottery will also prove to be thriving. It will offer big maximum prizes pegged at around one billion yen. If all these come to fruition soon, Japan is set to become one of the leading countries in Asia in the gambling industry.

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