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Slots Rules

The slots go by different names. In American English, it can be slot machine or simply slots. In British English, it is known usually as the fruit machine because of the prominent fruit designs. And in Australian English, it is the poker machine. It can go by different names but the machine looks similar to one another. It is often composed of three reels, sometimes more. The reels spin simultaneously at the push of a button. The objective is to get a winning combination to win. The more reels in a machine, the lower probability of winning. 

Slot machines sometimes go by the name one-armed bandits because in its original form, slots have a lever that looks like an arm. It is seen on one side of the machine. A player operates the machine by bringing down this lever and the reels will start to spin. In time, as slot machines evolved and became more technological, the lever was replaced with a button, and later on a touch screen too. However, the name one-armed bandit stuck. And also, in keeping with the legacy of slots, some machines still have dummy levers to make the machine look classic.

To start playing, just insert a coin or bill in the proper slot. Slot machines have built-in currency detectors to validate the money being inserted. The machines will only be activated if the money inserted is validated. If it is counterfeit or of foreign currency that could not be accepted, the machine will not start.

Normally, a payout guide is displayed near the machine. One will find here a series of winning combinations. Reels have many different patterns and symbols on it. It will display different combinations of patterns and symbols once it stops spinning. The payout will depend on how rare or often a combination is likely to occur. For example, it is rare that three identical designs will come out in any given spin, and thus if this turns out, the payout will be higher.

Slots is very easy to play and it is quite entertaining just waiting for the reels to stop spinning and check the combinations that came out. Many amateur gamblers enter a casino just to play slots. In fact, it is estimated that 70% of a casino’s income is from the game of slots.

Players can choose from two types of slots whether they are playing in an actual casino or just online. The two options are progressive slots and straight slots. The only major differences between the two are how payouts are calculated and how payouts are made. In straight slots, the amount paid to winning players is fixed. It is not affected by an increasing number of coins being inserted in a machine. In progressive slots, it matters if more coins are being inserted because it affects the payout. In each coin dropped, the payout is recalculated to offer players bigger winning stakes.

Obviously, the progressive slots is more attractive. For the casinos, this is also more income generating. It adds fun to gambling knowing that the jackpot prize is increasing with each new spin.

There are many different kinds of slot machines to choose from. Aside from the number of reels, the machines may also vary in what type of money can be inserted. Some machines accept coins only. It can be a combination of different denominations so long as it totals the minimum amount required to play. Other machines will accept paper bills. These equipment feeds out change if necessary. The newer slot machines make use of tickets or cards with barcode. A player swipes it and credit will be deducted appropriately.

The most common is the three-reel machine but one could also see some slots having four or five reels. It easier to win in three reel slots because there will be lesser probability of combinations as compared to that of four or five reels. The payout is adjusted depending on the number of reels. The stakes are higher as the difficulty of coming up with the winning combination is increasing. Most slots are computerized nowadays and it is programmed in such a way that the jackpot combination will not come out too often or the casino will lose.

Some players try to predict when the next jackpot combination will occur. They sit around for hours inside a casino just observing other people playing slots. They try to look at the time intervals when the jackpot occurs. This is not very accurate however because there is really no set time interval. The jackpot combination occurs pretty much at random too.

You can get your payout in several ways too. Some machines will spit out your winnings. This is dramatic and adds excitement to players. This is often illustrated in movies wherein a player who hits the jackpot is suddenly spewed with so many coins that the player tries to catch everything with his shirt. This does not happen anymore in real life. For big winnings, a bulb will light up in the machine to notify the proper casino employees. In a few minutes, the winning player will be assisted on how to claim his prize.

The main attraction of slots is its simplicity. It does not require any specific skills to be good in this game. It is unlike a game of poker wherein you have to memorize some rules and strategize to win. Amateur gamblers who do not want to play face to face with another player also opt for slots. This way, they only have to deal with a lifeless machine.

Here are a few reminders only when playing slots. First, make sure to insert coins, paper bills or tickets the right way. You will find instructions in the machine so read carefully. Some machines will not give back what you inserted even if you did it wrong. After inserting, just press the start button to activate the reels. In some cases, pull the lever. The machine feeds the payout. Moreover in progressive slots, the jackpot prize reverts to the original amount once a winner emerges or once the maximum amount possible is reached.

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