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Casino Strategies

In playing casino games, the main contender is really the odds which are always in favor of the house. However, even if the winning chances are slim, it is still possible. And the chances of winning can even be heightened if one knows how to play the games smart. There are many reference materials one can read about casino strategies. A player could also devise his own strategies based on personal experiences from regular playing. 

Strategies depend mainly on the characteristics of a game. It is impossible to formulate just one strategy that can be applied to all games. For starters, blackjack is a good game to play while taking note a few ways on how to attack it to win. There is a chart you can refer to for basic strategy. But if you are involved in an actual game, there are no charts to help and guide except when you have actually memorized its content. 

There are so many moves available in blackjack. Keep in mind a few things when playing this game.

Give the dealer a chance to bust. Avoid hitting if a dealer has a 4, 5, or 6 especially if you do not possess a “soft” hand, meaning a hand that is impossible to bust even if an additional card is drawn. This scenario is disadvantageous to the dealer in busting, and makes it very favorable to the player. Most often than not, players in this situation want to double or split their hand to win more money in their wagers while predicting that a dealer will choose to bust.

Here is another strategy for hard hands. Do not hit if your hand is 17 or higher. Do not hit even if the dealer’s hand is higher than yours because your chances of busting are just too high. It will be very risky. You might think that a dealer holds a 10 point card facing down, it can still be any card less than 10 points. If you hold a total of 17 and the dealer only 8, if his next draw is a 9, you can go. The dealer will bust if draws a card lower than 9.

Another general rule to blackjack is to split aces and eights. On the other hand, do not split tens and sixes. Ace is very powerful. A card is already equivalent to 11 points so that two aces drawn immediately give you 22, and that is a bust. It is better to split them and try your luck in two sets of 21. A double eight is also not good. It could be the worst hand you can get. Double eight makes 16. If double eights are split, it increases your chance to make two 18s instead, which is a better and stronger hand. Getting a 10 is good but do not risk splitting a 20. Also do not split sixes into two hands. 6 as your base is possibly the worst hand in blackjack.

Blackjack online is easier because you can view the strategy chart while playing. No one will know. Some call this cheating, but many players contest that the chart is merely used for reference. It can only be called cheating if players get to know what cards will show up even before they are drawn.

Another game that players study carefully to devise a strategy is craps. It is a dice game thrown at a table. It relies mainly on probabilities of arriving at two desirable numbers to win. Although it takes a lucky player to win in craps, there are some strategies that can be applied here to increase the chances of winning.

There is a thing called laying odds in craps. In this scenario, there is no house edge. Watch out for this kind of bet. It can only be done if you have already wagered your money or chips on the pass line. Once the first round was thrown, you can double or triple your initial wager on the pass line to gain more if you win.

Some could even multiply their wagers more than triple but doubling it is the most common course taken. If you bet double, it means you are expecting that a pair of dice will be rolled a second time without getting a 7. 

Sometimes a wrong bet is actually a right bet. It sounds confusing and absurd but it can be explained. The counterpart of wagering at the pass line is not to wager. This is called “don’t pass bet.” In this case, if the roll produces a 2 or 3, you win the bet. If the come out roll is 7 or 11, you lose. If the roll turns in a 12, that will result to a push. If this happens, the shooter will roll the dice for many times until a point or 7 come out. Since you opted for “don’t pass bet,” 7 must come out before a point for you to win.

A player opting for the “don’t pass” is called the “wrong” bettor. However, do not be deceived because this is just a moniker. It does not mean that it is a wrong move to take. It is still a player’s decision how to wager and strategize how to win the game. This move is not commonly seen in craps tables because it can sometimes be an awkward move. It is like telling people around the table that if you win, everyone else in the table must lose. But if you lose, everyone else in the table wins. It takes guts to make this statement by simply choosing “don’t pass.”

The strategies in craps mentioned here is only a piece of the whole cake. There are a lot of other betting options in the game. It takes a more critical study of the game to learn its intricacies and improve your playing style. The risky players are able to wager more because they can better calculate the odds of the game.

Casino games might be in favor of the house but players can still win games. All it takes is to play it smart and be one step ahead by learning all the ins and outs of the rules, wagers and payout percentages. Even if a game is based on luck, you can still play it smart. And best of all, relax and have fun while playing.

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