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Germany Online Casinos

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Germany Online Casinos

It took quite some time before the German gaming industry grew popular. Based on statistics, it only became really profitable in the last 5 to 6 years. Today, more and more Germans are enjoying gambling and thus more and more operators, companies and investors are coming up which makes this industry in Germany much more promising than ever before.

Locals and tourists alike are presented with many opportunities to gamble in this European country. There are many luxurious and first class casinos as well as many other smaller casinos for sports betting. It is possible to find any type of gambling that tickles your interest in this modern country.

Along with the abundance of casino houses is also the proliferation of German online casinos in the virtual world. Many amateur and average players are content to go online and play with opponents that they cannot actually see. Players converge in online casinos and play against one another. Online users simply download game software before they can start playing on their personal computers.

German online casinos have not been around for very long. While many other countries are already enjoying legalized online gambling, Germany still was not. It was only a few years back when online gambling in Germany was legalized much to the delight of many casino enthusiasts. They now had an alternative venue to play when they could not visit an actual casino.

The road to legalizing online gambling was a rather difficult path. It is partly because the local government of the 16 states in Germany had differing opinions regarding anti-online gambling law. These laws were crucial to the monopoly of lotteries in the country. The European Trade Commission became a major key player in legalizing gambling in Germany.

Before starting to play, it is good to be first reminded that there are many scam casino sites in the internet. Learn how to distinguish reputable online casinos before registering and depositing payment with them. Basically, consider five main aspects when checking if a site is safe and reputable.

First, look at their customer service. Trusted online casinos have very efficient customer service support. To test their credibility, ask them any question regarding their site and the games they offer. They should be able to answer you straightforwardly, promptly and completely. If you have nothing to ask, just try sending a mock question and see if their reply will satisfy you. If you find anything dubious, just move on to another site.

Second, check the online casino bonuses. The reputable online casinos will require reasonable deposit payments or wagers as compared to the online bonuses offered. Scam sites will usually offer very high bonuses but at the same also require steep amount of wager. Read the terms and conditions first and if you find anything suspicious, do not register with them anymore. In general, the average wagering requirement in German online casinos is 5 to 20 percent of the total bonus and deposit.

Also check for logos or any sign that an online casino is licensed and accredited. These online gaming sites can be trusted. They are controlled by agencies that give protection to the online gambling welfare of players.

Fourth, read about the operator and see if it has a clean track record. Many players gain confidence if online casinos have been around for many years already. It has acquired many loyal patrons already, a proof of reputability.

Lastly, also check the general presentation or layout of the site. Reputable online casinos go through extra lengths to make their site easily navigable. The site also exudes an air of professionalism. The wordings, information given and graphics used can all be telltale signs of a reputable online casino.

Golden Riviera Casino Online

Germans could login to one of the premiere European online casino called Golden Riviera Casino Online. It gives online players the feel of a luxurious Las Vegas and French Riviera combined.

This online site offers more than 450 exciting games including the popular ones like craps, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and video poker. They also have video slots and 19 progressives. They are very generous in giving special bonus offers and promotions.

Currencies accepted are US, Canadian and Australian dollars, Euro and Yen. Banking for deposits is guaranteed safe and secure. They are tied up with major international banking corporations. Customer support offered is 24/7 to guarantee clients absolute gaming pleasure throughout their game time.

Golden Riviera Casino online has exclusive offers including 100% match bonus. You can get up to $125 free on your first deposit. For $2500, you can enjoy free play for up to 60 minutes. You can keep all your winnings during these games. They also offer 15% redeposit bonus for a chance to earn up to $3000 a month. There is also the 50% high roller bonus promotion where you can get $500 free.

Casino Elegance

Casino Elegance is one of the largest and oldest running international online casinos that cater also to Germans. The teamís expertise in holding online casino games dates back to 1996. It is duly licensed so that gamers are assured that they are playing on a trusted online casino. Casino Elegance is owned and operated by Ultra Internet Media S.A., a Canada-based company with many years of experience when it comes to online gaming. 

Progressive jackpots are offered which make many players come back often. This is a good way to promote loyalty to customers. There are also top payouts for machines like instant jackpots. To get a chance to win, you can download their various game softwares and play their games. Choices include One-Eyed Jacks, Progressive Jacks or Better, Progressive Deuces Wild, Caribbean Stud Poker, Jurassic Cash, Club Vegas, Space Ace, Lucky Charms, Lottery Games, Double Poker Bonus and much more.

Casino Elegance has 24/7 customer support. Questions or problems are promptly addressed to ensure customer satisfaction all the time. Payouts are given promptly and reliably. All personal information of clients like bank account, address and name are held in utmost confidentiality.

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