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UK Online Casinos

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UK Online Casinos

People who think of registering to any UK online casinos have this false notion that it is an easy process. At first, it seems easy. Just download or buy the program and provide all necessary information on the spaces provided, and then they could immediately start playing. However, residents of the UK should know that there are many different ways to register and pay. One does not always have to use his credit card.

Below are some facts that everyone should know regarding UK online casinos especially in terms of payment schemes.

First of all, there are UK banks now that allow credit cardholders to use their cards to deposit money for online gambling. The interest rates vary per bank, with some banks even foregoing interest charges at all.

There are some limitations when playing online poker and other casino games in UK online casino sites, and this is largely due to the amount deposited by a player. Deposits are made using a credit or debit card. Before doing so, read the fine prints about deposit payments as this may also affect your winnings. There may be restrictions to winnings depending on the actual amount deposited.

In the case of Mastercard, UK players should know that the company does not allow winnings from casino online to be deposited back to their credit card. This information is very helpful for those who wish to register in UK online casinos using credit cards. Aside from Mastercard, some other UK card companies have also prohibited the use of their credit cards for gaming or gambling purposes. 

Debit cards can be good alternatives to credit cards since the latter is enveloped with many restrictions. Think of debit cards as just cash cards that act like real money. It is money that came from a personal bank account and transferred to a card that is ready for use anytime. The advantage of debit cards is that it does not incur the same interest rate as with credit payment because it is considered good as cash, and therefore ideal when using it to register to UK online casinos.

Other forms of payment available to register to UK online casinos are via Moneybookers, Western Union, Neteller, Stormpay and Paypal. These are online services for payment which a player could go to deposit money and which in turn could also be used in paying registration fees to UK online casinos.

UK residents will be happy to learn that many online casino sites are readily available to them. They can search the UK online directory for trusted online casinos. Some of these sites are exclusive to the residents of the UK while others will accept foreign players from neighboring countries. Some may even accept players from North America. Here are a few UK online casinos:

First is Intercasino. It is one of the most trusted in the world of virtual gambling. It dates back to the birth of the internet in 1996 and is renowned in UK and the rest of the world. Intercasino is best known for its Cryptologic games that totals to more than 200 available. New players can receive a hefty bonus of $225. Regular players and VIPs can avail of extra benefits.

Intercasino is one of the premiere online casinos that started to accept real money as wagers. This gave players the feeling of actual betting that used to be experienced only in traditional casino houses. It also claims to have given the largest jackpot prize that amounted to 5 million pounds to just one winner. New registrants are given a welcoming bonus of 50 as incentive to encourage them to sign up.

Next is Spin Palace Casino. It boasts of complete games in virtual casino with over 400 selections available for download. It holds regular tournaments in blackjack and slot games which are all participated by thousands of players each time. Holding tournaments bring in more players to their site which is a good way to promote their games and encourage more people to register.

32Red Casino is also a big online casino powered by Microgaming. It is best known for its Club Rouge Loyalty Program. This unique system employed gives back a little something to every player placing wagers. UK players will find it interesting that the voice of the dealer actually belongs to Patsy Kinset, the actress who played Sadie King in the movie Emmerdale. 32Red Casino is supported by the London Stock Exchange. They are very generous to players by offering big payouts. Online players are immediately given 100 free as incentive.

Another site powered by Microgaming is the All Slots Casino that has more than 400 games available including a variety of slot games and card games. It also regularly holds blackjack tournaments. All Slots Casino is affiliated with the Jackpot Factory group. It is a member of a network of loyalty programs that aims to give players a chance to get something back through a point system for any games played on the casino site.

Virgin Casino is fast becoming one of the most popular UK online casinos for a very good reason. It guarantees player instant playing whenever they visit the site. No need to download or install anything. There are over a hundred games to choose from. Virgin Casino offers players big bonus points which could be traded for store vouchers, airline miles and others.

Foxy Bingo has been around for only five years now yet it is already competing against other UK online casinos. There are 40 rooms inside with a variety of bingo games. You can choose from 75-ball pattern or the difficult and intense 90-ball pattern game. Each registered player will immediately be given a bonus as a way of welcoming him to the site and entice him to try out the games of the house.

Online gambling in the UK is legal and this is why the competition among these online gambling sites is stiff. This is to the advantage of players who benefit from this competition. They are offered bigger winning stakes and huge amounts of bonuses.

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