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Baccarat Rules

Baccarat is a fascinating game which rose to fame in the European countries in the 15th century. It is played with the help of three casino dealers and twelve or fourteen players. The play table is normally as big as a craps table. 

How To Play?

There are only two main bets to make in this game - player or banker known as Punto or Banco, in addition to the rarely used Standoff. There are several casinos that let the players deal the cards on their own while others have a dealer to do the honors. However, when this game is played online the cards are automatically dealt by a virtual dealer. 

Every player, including the one dealing the cards, can bet on either the player or banker but normally dealers prefer to bet on the banker. Players may also choose not to deal, and pass the 'Shoe' over to the subsequent player. The shoe remains with one player till the time the Bank is winning. If Punto wins, the shoe will be passed over to the next player. 

Basically, two hands are dealt and the players have to bet which will win, or if there will be a tie. This is very similar to betting on Red or Black at roulette where the payoff is even money. The basic difference between the Punto and Banco bet is that a win on Banco costs five percent commission levied by the casino. The main reason behind a heavy tax on banco is the fact that in the cards-play of 8-deck the bank normally wins 3 to 4 hands more than the player or Punto. 

The Steps:

Every hand comprises of minimum two and maximum three cards. The individual dealing puts a couple of cards face down, under the shoe, and gives the other two cards to the player who has made the largest bet on punto. 

After this, the Punto player takes a look at the cards and offers them back to the player dealing the cards. Then the player dealing will turn over all the cards of both hands and the casino dealer will declare the winner and the result. 

If any of the two hands has a total of eight or nine, then the hand is called 'Natural' and no cards are dealt any more. However, if it is not natural, then pertaining to the value of every hand the casino dealer will tell the card dealer to also deal a third card. The decision to deal a third card normally depends upon set rules used by every casino. 

Once the dealing is finished, the hand which has the highest count wins. The casino dealers will then collect all the loosing bets and pay out the winning ones. The player dealing the cards is not accountable for the payouts. She or he is just another player, trying to play against the casino. 

The Main rules Of The Game

Baccarat or Punto Banco is normally played from an eight-deck or a six-deck shoe. All the 10s and face cards have no value. The cards which are less than 10 are normally counted at face value. The aces are worth 1 and suits do not matter. In this game validity is only given to single digit values. Also, any count which reaches double digit has to drop the left most digit. For instance, 14 is counted as 4 and 24 is also taken as 4. 

To begin, the players start by betting either on Punto or banco or Standoff. The dealer of the cards offers two cards each to the player and the banker. The main purpose of the game is betting on a hand that one thinks will have the highest total value. 

Third card is normally dealt to both or either the bank (Banco) or player (Punto) based on the already set three-card-rules. One does not have to learn these rules to play this game, they are obligatory decisions and consequently automatic. Normally no mistakes are made.

The Third-Card-Rule For The Players

  • If the bank or the player has a total of nine or eight on the initial two cards then no cards are drawn further. The resultant hand is termed as a natural and is over.

  • If the total of the player is equal to or less than five then the player's hand pulls out a third card.

  • If the player does not pull out a third card then in that circumstance the bank's hand stays on six or more and pulls out a third card in a total of five or less. However, if the player goes ahead and takes a third card then the third-card-rule of the bank determines whether the bank takes the third card.

The Third-Card-Rule For The Bank

  • If the bank's overall is two or less then it draws a card, despite of what the third card of the player is.

  • If the banks overall is three then the bank will draw a 3rd card except if the players 3rd card was an eight.

  • If the banks overall is four then the bank will draw a 3rd card except if the players 3rd card was a 9, 8, 1, or 0.

  • If the banks overall is five then the bank will draw a 3rd card if the players third card was 4, 5, 6, or 7.

  • If the banks total is six then the bank draws a 3rd card if the 3rd card of the player was a 7 or a 6.

  • If the banks overall is a seven then it is the bank that stands.

Playing online baccarat is fun and is nothing like typical gambling games such as roulette. However, it is one of those games which are not very hyped and can hardly be found in normal online casinos that are around. Hence, before playing it, one needs to understand the basic baccarat rules and learn the essential tricks of the trade. Nevertheless, being a wiz at baccarat is nearly impossible because like most casino games this game also depends upon chance and luck.

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