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Roulette Tips and Tricks

It is the common question of all roulette players. Can they possibly win in a roulette game? The chances are really slim and winning seems to be purely out of luck. Imagine a wheel having 37 or 38 slots. If you will guess what number will come up, that is 1 out of 37 or 38 possibilities of getting it right. Then again, if you follow a few tips and tricks, you will likely increase the probability of winning.

There is an actual roulette game in a casino and there is also an online version. If you are playing in the internet, choose a system you can play for free. Do not pay when you have the option to play for free. It is different when you bet on an actual table and you see before your eyes what is happening to your chips. But online, if you deposit payment, it might be a scam without your knowing. Also, choose a system that is easy to operate and uses outside table positions for betting.

If you bet on only one number, the stakes will be higher but the probability of winning will be extremely low. Therefore, avoid inside bets or betting on just one number only. Seasoned roulette players go for outside bets, that is, betting on a group of numbers to significantly improve the chances of winning. The payout may be smaller but at least you profit from your wager. Outside betting may be putting your chips on numbers having the same color (red or black), on all even numbers or on all odd numbers. It can also be betting on any of the three columns on the layout. Betting per column means you are wagering on all numbers given in a column.

Although there is really no way to accurately predict what number will come out next, some players devise their own strategies in looking for patterns to guess what color or number will come out on the next spin. If you sit on a roulette table, observe the numbers coming out. These numbers are often displayed for all players to see and to assist them in their next wager. For example, if black numbers are coming up in the last ten rounds, some players will bet on a red number for the next round because they think it is unlikely that another black will turn out. For others, they will still bet on a black while thinking that it is the color occurring more frequently.

Another tip is to learn how to manage your winnings and losses. Gambling involves wagering on your money. If you win, then you profit from your bets. But if you lose, you lose your money. As much as you can, pocket your earnings and bet on the original amount you started with. It is very easy to be so engaged after a couple of winning streaks that you will want to bet more and more to profit more. But always go back to the premise that roulette is a game of chance. You are lucky to be winning alright but do not forget that you can lose when least expected. As a general tip on how much money you should bet on, just place an amount that you can actually afford to lose. If you do not feel this way about the amount you are betting on the table, then you are betting way too much. Remember that you are only in competition with yourself. You will never beat the casino so aim only to win and profit from your wagers. Set only realistic expectations.

Putting on the table all money won is called betting on progression. You increase your bet for as long as you are winning. This is a very brave thing to do but you have to ask yourself also if it is worth the risk. Gamble for fun and do not lose your head while you are winning. The probability of winning will not be increased simply because you increased your wager.

There are two types of wheels you can play on. The European roulette table has one zero slot only while the American roulette table has two zero slots. The double zeroes on the American version immediately increase the house advantage to 5.72%. The European wheel on the other hand only has a 2.63% house advantage. If you are wise, you will choose to play on a European roulette where you will have greater chances of winning. Many Americans however are used to the American roulette and have no problems with it.

Playing roulette online is becoming very common now. It is a good way to pass the time and possibly earn from it too. However, avoid being scammed online by signing up only on trusted online casinos that publish their payout percentages. Players deserve to be given a fair chance in winning be it in an actual casino or online. Reputable online casinos protect their players by making use of a random generator program. This is in contrast to a scam site that uses pre-programmed software so that no player ever wins. 

They make money by collecting deposit payments from online registrants but no player ever receives a payout. There are many ways to detect a scam site. You can check the page layout and wordings. Trusted sites make efforts to make their pages easily navigable. You can look through a directory of accredited online casino sites to be sure. Thoroughly browse an online casino and check for signs of credibility. Look for logos of accreditation and read player feedbacks. 

On the other hand, if playing on an actual casino table, you can scrutinize the wheel to detect any malfunctioning or biases. And just the same, go to reputable casino houses because you will be more guaranteed to be given a fair play. Big and internationally renowned casinos have their names to protect so that you are sure that they maintain well all casino equipment to prevent malfunctioning or biases.

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