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Caribbean Poker Strategies

Caribbean Poker is a table game, more similar to Blackjack than the regular Poker. Except for the fact that Caribbean Poker does not offer the same opportunities for a player as Blackjack does. On the other hand, the only thing that is common between the regular Poker and Caribbean is that Caribbean Poker gives in for scoring. There are only three verdicts that a player requires in Caribbean Poker.

  • The first verdict is based on the amount of money to bet on.

  • The second verdict is to decide rightly whether or not to Raise or Fold following the dealerís one-card flop.

  • The third verdict is to decide whether or not to take the Side or progressive Bet.

Laying A Bet

A smart player is always recommended to place small bets based on few factors.

  • The first factor is the house edge where there is purely no way of getting around. This is because in the long run the player loses money anyways. It is obviously better to lose a small amount than a big one.

  • The second factor is that in most Caribbean tables the earnings are limited to a maximum. It is very important to know a tableís upper limit before betting or raising a bet. This is because if the raised amount is accepted by all four players and it sums up to more than the tableís upper limit, the player will face a resultant loss.

There are three different wagers available to the player during a game of Caribbean Stud Poker.

The Side Bet: This bet is made prior to the cards being dealt. In most of the Caribbean Poker games online, there is a small meter that indicates the amount of money in the Progressive Pot. The plan is that for a $1 Side bet it is required to split a few or all of that in the Pot. A progressive jackpot winning hand is a Royal Flush or a Straight Flush.

The Ante Bet: This bet is compulsory and must be made prior to starting every game. This bet cannot be less than the table minimum and is lost or given up at the end of the game if the player loses the hand.

The Bet: If the player decides not to fold or give up in between and continues to play, after seeing the five cards the player has been dealt. The player must call to a bet raised to equal or double the cost of the ante bet for that particular game.

There are a few general rules and norms that a player should be aware of prior to playing any game. The objective of the game is to hit the dealers hand with a better standing poker hand. In order to gain an actual profit, the player must initially beat the dealer, as long as the dealer has got a candidate hand or above. If the dealer doesnít have a Candidate Hand and the player has called in for a full bet, the player will receive just a 1 to 1. This is not a lot of money but it will keep the player on the winning roll. If the dealer has a Candidate Hand and the player has made a full bet, the player will receive suitable settlements. This brings in more money. It is very important to follow the rules and be aware of minute particulars of the game.

Basic Playing Strategies

A very simple strategy in Caribbean Poker is to make the right decision whether or not to Raise or Fold. That means, raise the bet only on A, K, J, 9, or 4, or else better fold. This is known as the beacon hand and itís the lowest possible split even offer in the entire game. This serves to be quite useful to slow the losses. Only a probability with a pair or better will earn good returns. The difficulty is whether the dealer will qualify A-K or not, so as to obtain the actual payments. But chances for these are very less in Caribbean Poker. 

If observed keenly, there are many different variants in this strategy. Utilizing these properly will help sweep the house edge by little amounts, but then theyíre barely worth the attempt. 

Never Fold Your Small Pairs

This is a general error made by most beginner players. Almost half of the time a small pair will have to be dealt with. And in the long run it will turn out to be much more profitable.

Avoid Betting With A Weak Hand

The chances are just not in favor of the player to do so. If a player is betting with a weak hand which is not a candidate hand, itís almost similar to betting the dealer who has less than a Candidate Hand. Winning in this manner will only return the payoffs from ante bet, that is, 1 to 1. Therefore, if lost, both ante bet and full bet are lost. This can in fact tally up in the long run, and the weakness is much greater in the long run. Therefore it is always best to fold if the hand is less than an Ace-King.

Ace-King Or Candidate Hand

This deal should only be played when there is another card that matches the dealerís face card. More than half of the time the dealer will succeed. Therefore, if the player wants to make more, without any doubt he can beat the dealer. By corresponding face cards, the player has more chances of winning.

So, thatís all what a beginner needs to acknowledge prior to playing Caribbean Poker. Caribbean Poker is not a difficult game, but is challenging. It will be easy as long as the player follows the basic rules and plays wisely. It is also essential to keep the basic strategies in mind, as they could cost the player, and, on the other hand, can lead to winning too.


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