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How To Play Caribbean Poker

Interested in playing Caribbean Poker? Despite being a relatively more recent innovation as compared to many other casino games, Caribbean Poker has its own share of enthusiastic players in the world. Caribbean Poker, also known as Caribbean Stud Poker, is quite easy to learn and master. Today, there are various free online Caribbean Poker games available to gain some understanding of the game prior to wagering your money in the real world. 

Understanding The Game 

Caribbean Poker differs somewhat from other varieties of poker games. Whereas other poker games usually involve players being pitted against each other, Caribbean Poker is played against the house. Unlike other poker games, there is no deception or bluffing involved in Caribbean Poker. 

Caribbean Poker is played with three to five players. The table used for playing Caribbean Poker is semi-circular in shape. As the game is played against the dealer representing the house, the players do not sit facing each other, instead they face the dealer. In front of each player are two circles, one for placing the ante and the other for the purposes of the bet. Generally, the larger circle is demarcated for the bet, whereas the smaller one is for the ante. 

Once the game commences, the players are required to place the ante on the stipulated spot. After all the antes are placed, the dealer starts dealing cards to the players involved in the game. After all the players get five cards each, the dealer proceeds to reveal a card. Following which, the players have to decide whether they wish to bet or fold. In Caribbean Poker, the bet amount has to be double the ante. After all the players have placed their bets, the dealer reveals all the cards held by the dealer. The hand of any player that beats the hand of the dealer wins the game. In the game of Caribbean Poker, the dealerís qualifying hand ought to be Ace or King high. If the qualifying hand of the dealer is not Ace or King, the house has to return the money to the players as well as the ante. An example would probably be befitting here. Let us take a scenario in which a player has placed an ante of $10 and a bet of $15, thereby making the entire wager to be $25. Now, if the hand of the dealer falls short, the player receives $35 from the house. 

Progressive jackpot is an interesting feature of Caribbean Poker. A slot on the table, progressive jackpot requires the player to insert a dollar chip into the allotted slot. Any player interested in trying for the progressive jackpot has to ensure that the progressive bet is placed by the player in each round, making certain that the indicating light of the slot is on. 

Playing To The Rules 

Caribbean Poker has certain stipulated rules for the game that have to be strictly adhered to at all times. Basic rules of the game include the following:

  • A single hand is allowed for each player in the game.

  • Players cannot wager on more than one hands or multiple hands at the table.

  • When the game is in progress, the players involved are not allowed to discuss hands or exchange information regarding the hands held by them.

  • If the players are found communicating with each other concerning hands held by them, the dealer can call it a dead hand. This results in the forfeiture of all the wagers at the table.

  • Any player choosing progressive payout or progressive jackpot is individually responsible for making sure that the chip is properly inserted into the correct slot and the indicator light is signaling on.

  • If any player receives either more or less than five cards, the hand of that particular player is deemed dead.

  • If the dealer is dealt a card short of the five cards required for the game, the dealer can deal an extra card and proceed with the game.

  • More than one misdeals to the dealer will lead to all dealt hands being deemed void, followed by a reshuffling of the cards.

  • Hands dealt to the players ought to be kept in full view of the dealer at all times.

  • Players are not allowed to touch their cards again once they have examined the same and placed their cards face downwards on the table.

  • If a hole card is exposed prior to the announcement by the dealer regarding close of the betting, all the dealt hands shall be deemed to be void.

  • Decision of the supervisor of the table or the supervisor of the casino shall be final and binding.

As Caribbean Poker differs from other poker games, gaining a fair understanding of the basic rules of the game is advisable for the new players. 

Employing Strategy 

There are certain strategies that can be employed for somewhat reducing the edge of the casino or the house while playing a game of Caribbean Poker. Some tried and tested strategies involve the following:

  • Deciding the ante: It may range from minimum of $5 to a maximum of $500. Keep in mind the fact that the bet has to be twice the ante.

  • As understanding when not to bet is an important facet of the game, it is advisable to consider folding when the player holds nothing.

  • Raise the stakes when there is a pair or anything higher in the hand held.

  • Decide the course of action when King and Ace are in a hand as the hand is a winner provided the dealer does not come up with a better hand. Betting is advised when the turned over card of the dealer matches one of the cards held by the player with King and Ace in hand.

  • As the odds are significantly in favor of the house, keep in mind that progressive jackpot is more for the people playing just for fun with small wagers.

Caribbean Poker or Caribbean Stud Poker, as it is otherwise referred to, is much popular in casinos across the world. In this game the players are pitted against the house or the dealer, unlike the other poker games where players compete with each other. This gives a distinctive edge to the game.


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