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Slots Strategies

Slot machine is primarily a game of luck. There is no required skill to master to improve one’s game in slots. Once you pull that lever on the side of the machine, the spinning reels will be the one to decide your fate. Suffice it to say that winning is mechanical. If the reels happen to stop at a winning combination of patterns and symbols, then you win. But if not, you gain nothing. In most cases however, the casino has the house edge.

Although it is a game of luck, it is still possible to strategize a little in slot machine. There are a few ways to increase your chances of winning if not guarantee it. There are also ways to manage your bet so that you could maximize your money while being able to play for a longer period of time.

First, here are two basic strategies called Naked Pulls and Loss Limits.

Naked Pulls

The basic idea is to trim down losses and maximize winnings. If ever you lose (which is very possible), make sure that the losses are very small that it is easy to recover the amount. Otherwise, the losses incurred should at least be insignificant to you.

The Naked Pulls strategy is effective to those who want to manage their bets better when playing the slot machine. Naked here means “nothing” and “pulls” means “plays or pulling the lever.” In other words, if after playing a series of rounds in slots and you are not winning anything, that machine is rendered cold. You can create your own naked pulls number. For example, it can be any number from 7 to 14. If you choose 7, then you play for 7 rounds in one slot machine. If it is not giving out a winning combination after about 7 rounds, then that machine is “cold.”

If you pick the number 10, you give that machine 10 chances. If you get zero returns on your coin deposits after 10 consecutive rounds, then you call it quits for that specific machine. You must know when to quit. Otherwise, deciding to play one more time will never end. Before you know it, you have given that machine all your money already.

Loss Limits

In the Loss Limits strategy, you work on the basic premise of keeping losses at a minimum on a bad day. A bad day is classified as having a streak of losses. In other words, you are getting unlucky for that day.

Loss limits is the amount you personally set on losing for a given day. After losing all this, it is time to quit. Do not go back to the cashier to exchange more money for chips or tickets. Do not go to an ATM machine to withdraw more money. Just quit for the day. If you do not know when to stop, you will soon find yourself in deep frustration as you incur more and more losses. And with this kind of feeling nagging at your back, you lose the fun in playing slots as well. Protect your bankroll always.

Losing 60% of your session should be your limit in losing. If you lower your standards to 30% or 50% then that is also good. Therefore, if you have $20 and you say you will lose only up to 60%, if you have lost $12 already, then it is time to leave the slot machine.

Do not use up all your coins. What if you continue playing until you finish up all of your $20? Do not expect the machine to give you anything back if you did not get any winning combination. That machine is cold. You are the only one who can protect your money and losses.

Combining both Naked Pulls and Loss Limits strategies will be better as you will be able to manage your bets more wisely.

Remember the key points in slot machine strategies. First, bet smaller when you are losing. Second, bet higher when you are winning, but do not bet all of your money.

Delving into the first key point, betting smaller when you are losing protects you from further losses. As you minimize losses, you can continue to enjoy slots for a longer time. You can extend your stay even if you are losing by reducing your bets. In the long run, you also get to limit your overall losses. When luck comes your way and you find yourself suddenly winning in consecutive rounds, then it will be easy to recoup what you have lost. If not, the minimum losses incurred are insignificant to you because from the start, you were willing to part with that money.

Many people have this false notion that a machine is due to pay out a player after a certain number of rounds. With this kind of thinking, they tend to increase on their wagers even after a string of losing rounds because they expect the payout round to be due anytime. If you see yourself falling into this kind of thinking, remember that you are dealing with a cold machine. The slot machines have been preprogrammed in such a way that the jackpot combinations will not come out so often or the casino will go bankrupt in paying out so many winners.

When you are dealing with a 3-coin slot machine that offers big bonuses for a 3-coin bet, then it is best to take advantage of it and bet with 3 coins. If you hit the jackpot and you did not maximize your betting options, you will find yourself regretting in the end. If there is not extra bonus offered for betting with 3 coins, then just bet one coin at a time.

Another useful strategy is to go for progressive slot machines when available. This type of slots has a jackpot prize that is increasing depending on the amount of coins it has received already. Therefore, as more players put coins to play slots, the pot prize also increases.

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