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Keno Tips & Tricks

Keno is a form of bingo played in modern day casinos. However, the game has its origin in the country of China. It was a form of Chinese lottery. It involves around 80 Chinese characters printed on a sheet of paper from which the winning character is selected. The game spread into Europe and North America during the 19th century. The Chinese characters were soon replaced with the Arabic numerals we use today. 

Keno Basics

Today traditional keno involves the selection of balls from a kind of bubble slot machine. These balls are numbered from 1 to 80. A blower lets air into the machine and mixes the balls. Then a person selects a ball from a tube and calls out the number. A few of the numbers are written on cards given to the players. The players’ mark the numbers called out. A total of twenty balls are usually drawn. The pay off of the game depends on how many matching numbers a player has on the card. However, before the beginning of the game the players have to place their wagers. Another kind of keno requires the players to select 1 to 20 numbers from the card given to them and place a wager saying that the numbers selected by him or her will be among the chosen numbers. Based on the correctness of pick the payment is made. 

A thing about keno is that it is not a skill game. The game is more based on intelligent decisions and luck. The success in the game lies in a player’s ability to pick the winning numbers. Of course, if we calculate the probability of that it will come to a very huge number with around 18 zeros. However, the fewer numbers a person picks the more chances he has of winning. This is a basic mantra that can be remembered while playing keno. 

Keno Playing Tricks

Keno is a gamble – a game of chance. As such not too many tricks are applicable to the game. The game is mostly based on luck. The first trick that can be used in keno is the picking of fewer numbers. The fewer the numbers picked, the more the chances are of winning. Picking ten or lesser numbers always gives more winning streaks that picking more than ten numbers. However, due to this, many casinos have a minimum number that need to be picked and they usually do not allow picking less than ten numbers. A disadvantage of this trick is that the payoff is always lesser when the number of values chosen is less. Another trick is the picking of consecutive numbers. Many say that picking consecutive numbers can increase the winning chance than otherwise. 

This however does not have any proven track record. However, since the game is more chance than anything else, there is never any harm in trying. A trick often used by the keno addicts is to play the same number over and over again. This strategy is based on the logic that these numbers ought to hit at one time or the other. Similarly, keeping a track of the winning numbers and playing numbers that have not occurred in these is also a trick. This is because there is greater probability of those numbers turning up again. At some point of time everything balances out. Whatever maybe the strategy ultimately it all boils down to how lucky the player is on that day. A better option is to hit those tables that pay more for the winning numbers. This way if a person wins he wins more!

Things To Remember While Playing Keno 

There are some important things to keep in mind before jumping into a game of keno. They can be considered as vital tips for a player before starting the game.

  1. First and foremost, remember that keno is an addictive game. So only play with excess money and never with money that has been kept aside for something else. A person, once he gets into the game, may keep betting on more and more numbers when he sees that he is getting more hits. So always be careful, keep a budget and try not to go overboard.

  2. Online keno is better than the casino kenos. The chances of winning are more in online games and most of the time the payoff is better than live casinos.

  3. The casino selected to play the game is very important. It is always better to be cautious of the casinos that offer beginners prizes as at the end of this there are, most of the time, very stiff cash out.

  4. Learn the game thoroughly before embarking on playing it. Playing keno or any casino game for that matter without a proper knowledge and understanding could result in heavy losses.

  5. Remember to make sure that the tickets are thoroughly checked before disposing of them in case of a loss. There are always chances that one or two numbers were missed out or heard wrong. So check before acting.

  6. If you are on a winning streak, do not forget to claim the winnings. This is quite an obvious tip but you will be amazed at the number of persons who actually forget to claim the reward. If the reward is not claimed on time it will have to be forfeited. Some casinos give only as short a period as a half hour to claim the prize.

  7. If winning is the main criteria then keno is not suitable. This does not mean that no one wins at keno. However keno has the least win percentage of all the casino games. So if the main aim is to win then the person better play some of the other games in the house.

  8. Finally, keno is meant to be a fun game. So have fun. The game is never good if it is taken too seriously. Consider it as entertainment and relax.

Keno is meant to be an amusing game. The casinos usually pay much less in keno than in other games. The game of keno being entirely based on luck is difficult to strategize. The tricks and tips mentioned merely help in easing out the playing of the game and does very little to improve the probability of winning. There is always luck that has the winning numbers.

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