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Keno Strategies

Keno is a game much akin to a game of lottery or bingo. It functions on a similar principle. Even the odds in a game of keno are like that of lottery, absolutely ridiculous. For those who are new to the casino world and are just looking for a safe game to gamble on, this is the game for you. This game does not require any prior knowledge, practice, or any consummate skills. This game is solely dependant on luck. Ultimately, it depends on whether it is your day or not. You cannot do much to increase your chance or tilt the odds toward your side. This is a game totally based on chance. 


To understand why the probability of you winning or any other chances of you succeeding are diminutive, you first must know about the game. Also, how it is played. Even if you know about the game, you may read on to understand more about the strategies you can apply to win the game. 

The game of Keno basically allows people to bet on the randomness of selection and the possibility of chance luck. The entire principle of the game is supposed to be its absolutely transparent randomness. The game goes something like this. For your part all you have to do is pick any 20 numbers that strike your fancy between 0 and 80. The game play is that the casino will pick out these numbers. If your approximation of the numbers that are selected is correct, you will get a prize, which in casinos is generally money. 

This means that the casino picks out 20 numbered balls from a lot of balls that have numbers on them from 0 to 80. If the numbers that you chose previously are similar, depending on the count of numbers you have right, you will get money appropriately. 

The manner in which the casino picks out the 20 numbers is something that has been changing over the years. Earlier when this game started out, somebody used to pick out the numbers from the whole with his hands. Then people realized that anybody could rig such a game. Therefore, to improve the game and increase its randomness, a neutral machine came into the picture. Since then, the casinos have been using keno machines to pick the 20 numbers. Even this machine has been undergoing regular developments. 

Right now, the machine that casinos use for picking is as random a machine you can use! The automated machine has a circle shaped enclosed glass case called the bubble where they store the 80 marked balls. When the game requires the machine to give up a number or the ball draw, a blower in the machine pushes air into the bubble to mix the balls properly. When the casino needs to draw a new number, a person operating the machine or the caller presses a button or a lever so that a tube opens. In this tube any of the balls gets lifted. They draw the balls 20 times in a similar fashion. Then the balls are drawn up to a tube-shaped like a V where the casino records the number on them. A person called the verifier does this.

This is the entire process of the game. You may be wondering as to what strategies there could be in such a game. The game is after all entirely random, just like a lottery or a bingo game. 

The Strategies

Even the probabilities of the game are such that most people know that the chance of getting a perfect 20 out of 20 is bad. People use large probabilities like one in a million or one in a billion to express such odds. You have no idea how much of the mark you are. The actual probability of getting a perfect 20 out of 20 in keno is in a 3.5 quintillion. I would not even try to write that number down.

The thing about Keno is its randomness. It is a game completely ungoverned. The idea is that if you can be as random as the game itself, maybe you have a shot. But, people have a hard time just randomly picking out numbers. People tend to believe that if they use their birthdays, phone numbers, luck numbers, or any such variations, they may strike it big. Some people believe that they can enforce this randomness by selecting the last two numbers or the last number if it is greater than 80 of all the currency notes they have. Or, some may even pick the numbers out of a book, a signboard, or something totally unrelated. 

Other people believe that strategies like picking the numbers that have not come recently and avoiding the numbers that have just come are also better. The theory is that all the numbers have basically the same probability. The probability of something that has just come up, coming up again is very less to even out the whole score, so it is actually mathematical. 

Some people believe in the exact opposite and bet on the numbers that have just come up. Others believe that they should bet in pairs of numbers, that is, something like 12 and 13 then 21 and 22. Although there is no proof of any such theories being actually true, what are shocking are the observed patterns.

In many casinos for stretches such theories last out and the patterns observed by the players show that one or the other of these theories is coming into play. Even the randomness falls into pattern sometimes and one of these theories may just prove you wrong. Many of you may smirk at such an idea, but regular players have noticed these discrepancies in the perceived randomness of the game. 

Above all else, these strategies in Keno prolong your interest in the game and also make it far more interesting. Keno is not a game where a lot is at stake. Therefore, you can play around to see whether any of these theories bear fruits. It is you only who stands to gain in the payout if they do work!

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