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High Noon Casino

For those seeking the ultimate online gaming experience, the one and only place is the High Noon Casino. The virtual casino offers next-to-real gaming experience for gamblers.

Early History

High Noon Casino is owned by the Club World Casino (CWC) group who runs many online casinos in the virtual world. CWC is a registered company in the United Kingdom. High Noon Casino has been operation in the virtual world since 2004. Their online casino is licensed under Real Time Gaming. It is licensed in the Netherlands Antilles and the site can be used even by US based players. The online casino has more than 100 games to offer to its clients. The games are well tested by Technical Systems Testing who is the third party auditor. They are specialists in auditing gaming sites as well as land based casinos. The company is highly recognized for auditing of casinos and has been functional since 1993.

A Classy Portal

The casino website offers absolute pleasure to anyone who cares to visit the site. It is designed using a wild western theme. The animations and graphics provided on the site would totally impress any person visiting the site. The first thing a visitor sees is a well arranged flash portal where there is a painting of a cowgirl holding some cards and some old western gentlemen playing cards.

It has portals which allow users to easily download games or to enter gaming rooms. The site also has great offers to players like 60 percent free bonus and instant play options. A person aged 18 years or above can play online games. They need to register to start playing but instant play options are also available for those who are already members. Newcomers have great offers like a 200 percent welcome claim and 100 percent match bonus. New members can also get bonus casino chips worth $60 or more depending on the offer at the time of registration. Other offers include $2000 worth of free play on the slots and $500 worth of free play on table games. The amount may vary from time to time.

High Noon Casino’s other offers include spectacular ones like its cash back offer. For instance, on certain days if a player fails to make an overall profit, then he gets 20 percent of his money back. However, these offers are generally restricted to non-progressive games. These offers may last for a month or so or may be only for day. Daily promotional offers also exist. All the member has to do is to click on the promotion tab to find out about current offerings from the High Noon Casino. A customer is really lucky if he chooses to play at High Noon on a day when such whopping offers are made available.

Usually, initial deposits are not necessary. However to deposit money into the account all a user has to do is to click an option called “Cashier” and put in the amount he wants to play with. This can be done by following easy-to-understand instructions. Generally, these funds are available for use instantaneously. Once a person wins at a game, the winnings are automatically credited to his account within one working day. The customer can choose to play further with the winnings or withdraw it.

Slots and Card Games

It is not always necessary to play the games real time. Games can also be downloaded from the website. They are available in single executable file format that is free from viruses. This lets players enjoy the games even when they are not connected to the internet. However, in such cases there is no real money involved. The real fun lies in the almost casino like experience this online website provides to customers. They offer innumerable slots and card games. Slots are in great demand. To play cards, the customer generally enters a playing room to play. The slots have both three and five wheel games. Table games include casino favorites like blackjack, 3 card poker and baccarat. In short, it is an entire casino on one website and a great treat for those who love the game but cannot go to a land based casino due to various reasons. The site also encourages and practices responsible gaming. They even provide a child protection software to members so that the site can be hidden or barred from minors.

Security and Support

The casino portal is highly secure. The deposits are totally safe in the hands of the casino cashier. Winnings and bonuses are credited to the account within a day. The transfers made by the customer to his account can be done through credit card, Neteller, ECO card, MoneyBookers and Reverse Withdrawal Request. The payment portals are all highly secure and users need not fear about their money being lost or breach of information.

The secure portals are verified by Secure Server Certification Authority Verisign. Each member gets a unique IP address and it is easy to identify members and solve any problem a particular member may be facing. It is also easy to pinpoint members who are engaging in foul play. The terms of usage clearly state that membership is not transferable which is an additional security measure.

High Noon Casino takes special care of its customers with many high end security features. They provide twenty four hours services all days of the week. Customers can either mail their complaints or queries to High Noon or call them on the numbers provided on the site. The complaint or query can be on any aspect of the casino such as deposits, games, withdrawals and membership options. New customers who are curious to know more can browse the site and learn about what the casino offers and also read through the FAQs to understand how it operates. This includes details on how to make deposits, withdraw deposits and explanation of technical terminology.

High Noon Casino is the ultimate online spot for game lovers. The casino offers an almost live gaming experience at their website. Their offers and promotions are additional attractions that are rarely offered by other gaming websites. Their highly secure and extremely customer friendly atmosphere is one feature that gambling enthusiasts can look forward to.

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